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114 London Wall
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Rachel Glendinning is a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method. The method teaches people how to make changes in their life


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Working to support millions of you going through life changes come out the other end clear,focused,energised and well.

Through my own real life situations of quitting my professional career in advertising to start my own business and more recently choosing to start a family and going through a separation I intend to share the tools I use to make clear, honest and aligned choices and stay energised,well and relaxed through the process of change.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Rachel is a Leader in Holistic Stress Solutions for women.


Work with me

Rachel typically works with women aged 28-48 years old who are struggling with stress and overwhelm. You may also feel anxious in moments and find it difficult to stop it.

With fifteen years of working with thousands of men and women like you I have become skilled and efficient at teaching you how to find relief from this struggle and suffering.

I know you. And I understand.

During my yoga training I learnt that where we put our focus and attention it grows. Where have you got much of your focus right now in your life ? Busy with problems? A dilemma? Endless to do list?

One of my continued focuses and intentions in supporting more and more people with stress related symptoms is to work in stopping our old patterns from childhood which on a more subtle level play havoc with the body and mind.

In my private practice, through a process of sessions clients have been relieved of lower back pain, shoulder pain, cystitis, IBS, anxiety and depression and hyper tension to name a few.

Some of the roots of your stress may be :

  • relationship tension or conflict

  • work pressure, overload or feeling out of your depth

  • lack of rest and stopping and slowing down

  • weight of responsibilities

  • taking on too much and not knowing how to say no

  • feeling out of sync with an aspect of your life

  • automatic habits / addictions which you cannot control

  • financial worries and need for help to manage finances better

  • disconnected from emotions like anger and shame and feeling lost or lonely

  • pressure to look good and maintain a certain image

  • adaptations we made from childhood which no longer serve

  • lies and pretending

I cannot begin to tell you how it excites me that in the medical world there is now more acknowledging and conversation about the link of our childhood adaptations and the onset of chronic symptoms. Of course lifestyle is a big contributing factor that we are well versed with, but my mission has always been to teach people how to stop the stress connected to patterns we created when growing up.

I help women like you

Why am I the perfect person to work with you?

I have unwavering confidence that my system and approach works. I have belief in myself as a Practitioner with 15 years committed teaching and a method that changed my life.

The Grinberg Method is a very efficient and powerful body based learning approach.

I can share that through my own process I no longer suffer with chronic cystitis or polycystic ovaries. I no longer get anxiety or panic attacks. I healed an unhealthy relationship with exercise and food and found a balance of how not to push myself so hard and get in tune with my body.

I had created a strong defence system ( more unconsciously) not to let anything or anyone be too painful, or confrontational. This meant the effort of maintaining an image to look good and be nice which was exhausting and lonely.

Today, one of my favourite things to teach clients in a process is to recover their emotions and use them effectively. For men and women to learn to be more direct and use their hate and anger to get much more of what they want and create healthy boundaries.

Sound familiar or awaken your curiosity?

I will teach you to take responsibility for your life and get really clear of the things you want


Here is how you can work with me :

1-1 sessions in the UK - Harrogate and London

Group workshops in Yorkshire ( coming soon…)

International - as a guest practitioner.