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114 London Wall
London, EC2M 5QA
United Kingdom

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Rachel Glendinning is a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method. The method teaches people how to make changes in their life


Testimonials from Rachel Glendinning's clients

Read what clients say about working with Rachel Glendinning


Read what clients say about working with Rachel Glendinning


"Meeting Rachel Glendinning and the Grinberg Method has worked wonders for me.  Having suffered from low self esteem all my life as well as having had an aching neck and shoulder and felt strange sensations in my head for more than ten years, in Rachel and the Grinberg Method I have found the miracle cure.  The ache is gone and the self esteem is well on the mend.  It works!  In doubt, I suggest you try it out for yourself."
Berit Sundgren, a very happy client of Rachel Glendinning and the Grinberg Method
Redab Properties Plc

"My process with Rachel introduced me to the Grinberg method some 3 years ago, and I enjoyed this method so much that I have since gone on to become a practitioner myself. It is truly an artform in change and recovery."
Naomi West

"Rachel has a natural healing energy that immediately puts you at ease. As a newcomer to the Grinberg Method I was assured by her instinct for what required attention, her clear communication and unassuming presence. I had complete trust in her throughout the session and left with a renewed faith in the power of the body to heal via the Grinberg Method, and Rachel’s expert facilitation of it. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who would like to facilitate a change in their life that is proving difficult to address."
Beth Druce

"I saw Rachel over a period of a few months to deal with chronic stress/anxiety issues at work and at a later stage, for lower back issues. I did not know about the Grinberg method beforehand but read a leaflet and was open to trying it out. The principles are sound and aim to instil greater physical self-control and self-awareness. It is more than just a mindfulness practice alone.  However, full credit must go to Rachel who was able to impart this knowledge using a very caring and holistic approach. I never felt rushed during any of my sessions and felt that Rachel truly wanted me to get better, as quickly as possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough and have, during the course of my treatment, suggested her to close friends and family whom I knew would benefit from the treatment/training. There is a suggestion that when you are in the hands of a therapist, their motivation, willingness and mindset is crucial in their ability to impart a lasting benefit to you. I truly believe this to be the case. Rachel is both highly perceptive but also passionate about what she does. You are in great hands and I was blessed to have had the encounter."
Fund Manager, City

"Rachel introduced me to the Grinberg Method and helped me to overcome stress-related symptoms. She taught me very effectively to listen to my body and trained me to manage the symptoms. After only a few weeks I was not only able to better manage stress related situations but also to prevent them to affect my body. Rachel’s Grinberg teachings were a very effective and enjoyable experience."
Investor, City

"My process with Rachel has been a rare opportunity to take time to really evaluate what it is you believe about yourself/others and to be challenged in a safe environment for long enough to think about things properly. What naturally occurs from a program like that is a level of self awareness which would otherwise not make itself apparent in ones everyday life. These things, to those that value them, are precious and potentially life altering. Moreover, the ability to become more aware of the interplay between ones own body and ones own thoughts is a huge part of what it means to be a human-being.

Sarah Aston, Criminal Law

"After several weeks of working with Rachel on my anxiety and panic attacks, I feel more aware of my body than ever. I had no idea all the ways anxiety was physically manifesting in my body. It wasn't until Rachel started working with me that I began to develop awareness of the specific areas and muscles in my body that get tense when anxiety appears. The new awareness and exercises she has taught me, has allowed me to detect and dissipate the anxiety in ways I never knew before. The whole process has been life changing."

Kelly, entrepreneur