Rachel Glendinning

Light Centre Moorgate
114 London Wall



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114 London Wall
London, EC2M 5QA
United Kingdom

+44 (0)7974 081741

Rachel Glendinning is a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method. The method teaches people how to make changes in their life

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Rachel enjoys sharing other people's work that inspires her. Watch and enjoy!

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Rachel enjoys sharing other people's work that inspires her. Watch and enjoy!

Stopping Movement Training was invented by Avi Grinberg. it aims to evolve our body attention and our perception of the space around us, while becoming free of limiting patterns and habits that we maintain in our bodies. it is being taught by trainers of the Grinberg Method in Germany, Austria, Israel, Spain, United kingdom, USA , Italy and Switzerland.

An excerpt about fear from a talk given by Avi Grinberg on the power of fear and pain in people's lives. Allowing fear to be a natural part of our everyday life and learning how to use the power it brings us, is a basic concept of the Grinberg Method.

A short cut from the filming of Footwork- a footpath to wellbeing.

The Grinberg Method is a structured way of teaching through the body. It uses touch, breath, movement, physical exercises, description tools and techniques to increase one's ability to pay attention. It teaches you to recognize and stop repetitive physical and behavioral ways of being that limit you.

Avi Grinberg, founder of the Grinberg Method® speaks with journalist Cinnamon Nippard. In this interview, Avi Grinberg explains what the Grinberg Method is and how it can be used.