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Rachel Glendinning is a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method. The method teaches people how to make changes in their life

Inspirational blog writing about wellbeing

Rachel finds great pleasure in expressing her knowledge and experiences through the power of words. Enjoy!

What does it mean to be well?

Rachel Glendinning

Today I am as curious and invested in the work of wellbeing in peoples' lives as I was when I started out on my adventure 20 years ago. So what does it mean in our modern lives to be well?

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Here are the subjects that come to mind for us to consider :

- How well do I sleep? 

- Do I have an established morning and evening routine to open and close the day in a deliberate and powerful way?

- Am I without aches and pains physically? 

- Do I feel when I need to move and exercise? Through my own process of letting go of control and fixed ways of being I learnt to listen to when I needed to exercise rather than force myself with a military style schedule. The shift moved away from an obsession with exercising to make my body look a certain way to the focus of feeling good, strong and fit. Ie working my muscles and cardio system as posed to working to attain a certain image. Familiar to anyone?

- What addictions and habits do I have with food and drink? Take time to really be clear and honest with yourself. For me my weekly habits with alcohol have stopped and I drink very occasionally. Once or twice a month max. Alcohol has never agreed with my system and that's for you to explore for yourself. Despite what the media say about the benefits of wine or alcohol, I think it is up there with the damaging effects of sugar. Working with clients who quit the habit, immediate benefits include reduced blood pressure, improved sleep and digestion,weight loss and feeling more stable emotionally. 

- Food is a more complex subject and a blog for another day but I would initially get you to breathe and pay attention to how you feel your belly. How do feel your hunger ? Are there any tensions or efforts when you think about the subject of eating and food? It can start as a very physical awareness. Food plays a very important role in how we function but also as a very simple pleasurable act in life. Do you allow it to be pleasurable or is it something you highly control? 

- Speaking of pleasure another subject I have worked often with clients is the subject of sex and intimacy and orgasm. I have no desire to be a relationship or sex coach but the success I have in teaching people to be "well" is being open to all subjects relevant to being a human being. 

- Sex and money are two subjects that we hide away from each other and don't talk about. For most of you would you agree? Culturally,society does not encourage sex and money to be talked about freely growing up. Let me know if you were an exception to this trend!!

- Interestingly both are a basic need for all of us and my perception is because we don't have clean relationships and consistency of maintaining them in our lives, often we struggle with times of lack and blocks.Like everything, conversely addictions can exist with sex and money where there is a fixation and an imbalance to the other extreme.

- surroundings and living conditions. Are you living in a space and place that fits you well? I personally am making changes and am clear about where I want to live and how my living setup will change. Acknowledging something is not how you want it to be is the first step. 

- relationships. To be well and relaxed with our relating to others demands boundaries and trust. Stopping the habit of being above and below each other is a part of my work with clients and is a work in progress to eradicate the ugliness we do to one another.

- profession and purpose - do I feel I am doing what I really want to do as a profession. What my heart desires? The common question - if money was no object what would I spend my time doing ? 

To our being well. 

ps If I missed something that you wish to add reply to the comments.