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Rachel Glendinning is a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method. The method teaches people how to make changes in their life

Inspirational blog writing about wellbeing

Rachel finds great pleasure in expressing her knowledge and experiences through the power of words. Enjoy!

Are you struggling with a dilemma?

Rachel Glendinning

Are you struggling with a dilemma whether to leave a job, leave your husband? Read on

me daydreaming in Richmond Park. When in a dilemma we find ourselves a million miles away from a relaxed mind but my wish is that you can get there.

me daydreaming in Richmond Park. When in a dilemma we find ourselves a million miles away from a relaxed mind but my wish is that you can get there.

I want to first comment that I have taken some time to decide whether to share this recent personal dilemma as it involves my partner and child and when we share personal stories there often comes a feeling of vulnerability. Mainly of being judged and also recognising that there are others involved who are being mentioned to the world ;) 

So I share my stories to be of service and not to gloat or impress you that I found a way up and over the mountain of a struggle and you have not. It is to impress upon you that if I can do it you can too and my absolute mission is to share the tools I have and use all the time to support me through the ups and downs of our modern living.

The dilemma I have been facing is whether to stay with my partner and put in more effort and attention to my relationship or whether to call it a day and go our separate ways. A common dilemma yes !! You may be reading this and facing the same dilemma yourself. We have a 15 month old which adds an extra ingredient into the mix. 

What decision for me came out of my dilemma exercise is not the important part of my blog here. Although because I know you are all nosey and curious ( that is human beings all around) I will share that I am staying with my partner and things are absolutely improving through the actions I have taken. This is just my truth in the situation and if you are also deciding whether to stay with your husband it might be the truth for you that it is over. One is not better than the other it is moving into freedom and relief because you touched the truth and stopped the reaction and lies you are telling yourself.

This is the beauty of my exercise. The power comes from stopping all the  automatic reactions we have in a situation which then allows us to find clarity and take the necessary actions.

As an example, I realised that my default when in situations that get challenging or something is not working I jump ship for an easier ride ( or at least that is what my head is fighting to have me believe ). You see when I did this exercise and sat with the belief that leaving my partner will be easier this was not what my body was telling me. To live alone with my toddler would not be easier even though my mind convinced me it would. And yes my partner has been peeing me off but this is the reality of all relationships and a blog for another time ;)

When I look back at my history of romantic relationships, more often than not when things begin to need more investment and attention I am quick to escape. This time I chose differently and it feels fresh and I am so glad I have these little gem of a tool that has helped me make the right decision and shine a light on the truth rather than stay stuck with what my head would like to believe and judge. To your being free from your minds conclusions and getting clearer with your heart's desire. 

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