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Rachel Glendinning is a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method. The method teaches people how to make changes in their life

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What does the way we treat our partner have in common with how much money we have?

Rachel Glendinning


As I work through a 6 month business mentoring program I reached the cash adventure module and didn't think for a minute it would turn my attention to look at how I am treating my partner. But this was exactly what it did and my mentor asked me the following questions via the online course - How are you treating your partner ? and how would you like to be with your partner?

So why do we need to consider these questions to allow more money and cash flow into our lives ? Because the relationship we have with ourselves and with our partner is likely to be a direct relationship of how open we are to give and receive money. I have heard people talk about money being the same energy as love which for my practical,logical brain is a bit woo woo ;) 

That said, something is really shifting for me and I definitely am putting more attention on how I would like to be with my partner which softens the edges and highlights some action points to take. Babysitter and date nights are on the list ;)

I have no intention to go into a money coaching session now but simply wanted to share these questions and if something might resonate with sensing the energy and care you give to your partner - or lack of? and the relationship you hold with money. Is there room for more giving and receiving of love from your partner and need or want for your financial situation to be boosted?

So how are you treating your partner ( and money ) and how would you like it to be?

I am always curious to hear comments so please share.

Ps. the image is of a lovely date night me and my partner had before our little boy arrived in our world. Could you dig out some pics for yourself to get you motivated to get dating again?

If you are having a real struggle in your relationship right now drop me a message on my welcome page for a clarity call

Happy Monday lovely ladies