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Rachel Glendinning is a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method. The method teaches people how to make changes in their life

Inspirational blog writing about wellbeing

Rachel finds great pleasure in expressing her knowledge and experiences through the power of words. Enjoy!

Are you struggling with a dilemma?

Rachel Glendinning

Are you struggling with a dilemma whether to leave a job, leave your husband? Read on

 me daydreaming in Richmond Park. When in a dilemma we find ourselves a million miles away from a relaxed mind but my wish is that you can get there.

me daydreaming in Richmond Park. When in a dilemma we find ourselves a million miles away from a relaxed mind but my wish is that you can get there.

I want to first comment that I have taken some time to decide whether to share this recent personal dilemma as it involves my partner and child and when we share personal stories there often comes a feeling of vulnerability. Mainly of being judged and also recognising that there are others involved who are being mentioned to the world ;) 

So I share my stories to be of service and not to gloat or impress you that I found a way up and over the mountain of a struggle and you have not. It is to impress upon you that if I can do it you can too and my absolute mission is to share the tools I have and use all the time to support me through the ups and downs of our modern living.

The dilemma I have been facing is whether to stay with my partner and put in more effort and attention to my relationship or whether to call it a day and go our separate ways. A common dilemma yes !! You may be reading this and facing the same dilemma yourself. We have a 15 month old which adds an extra ingredient into the mix. 

What decision for me came out of my dilemma exercise is not the important part of my blog here. Although because I know you are all nosey and curious ( that is human beings all around) I will share that I am staying with my partner and things are absolutely improving through the actions I have taken. This is just my truth in the situation and if you are also deciding whether to stay with your husband it might be the truth for you that it is over. One is not better than the other it is moving into freedom and relief because you touched the truth and stopped the reaction and lies you are telling yourself.

This is the beauty of my exercise. The power comes from stopping all the  automatic reactions we have in a situation which then allows us to find clarity and take the necessary actions.

As an example, I realised that my default when in situations that get challenging or something is not working I jump ship for an easier ride ( or at least that is what my head is fighting to have me believe ). You see when I did this exercise and sat with the belief that leaving my partner will be easier this was not what my body was telling me. To live alone with my toddler would not be easier even though my mind convinced me it would. And yes my partner has been peeing me off but this is the reality of all relationships and a blog for another time ;)

When I look back at my history of romantic relationships, more often than not when things begin to need more investment and attention I am quick to escape. This time I chose differently and it feels fresh and I am so glad I have these little gem of a tool that has helped me make the right decision and shine a light on the truth rather than stay stuck with what my head would like to believe and judge. To your being free from your minds conclusions and getting clearer with your heart's desire. 

Follow the sign up section me on the homepage of my website to get the exercise.




What does the way we treat our partner have in common with how much money we have?

Rachel Glendinning


As I work through a 6 month business mentoring program I reached the cash adventure module and didn't think for a minute it would turn my attention to look at how I am treating my partner. But this was exactly what it did and my mentor asked me the following questions via the online course - How are you treating your partner ? and how would you like to be with your partner?

So why do we need to consider these questions to allow more money and cash flow into our lives ? Because the relationship we have with ourselves and with our partner is likely to be a direct relationship of how open we are to give and receive money. I have heard people talk about money being the same energy as love which for my practical,logical brain is a bit woo woo ;) 

That said, something is really shifting for me and I definitely am putting more attention on how I would like to be with my partner which softens the edges and highlights some action points to take. Babysitter and date nights are on the list ;)

I have no intention to go into a money coaching session now but simply wanted to share these questions and if something might resonate with sensing the energy and care you give to your partner - or lack of? and the relationship you hold with money. Is there room for more giving and receiving of love from your partner and need or want for your financial situation to be boosted?

So how are you treating your partner ( and money ) and how would you like it to be?

I am always curious to hear comments so please share.

Ps. the image is of a lovely date night me and my partner had before our little boy arrived in our world. Could you dig out some pics for yourself to get you motivated to get dating again?

If you are having a real struggle in your relationship right now drop me a message on my welcome page for a clarity call

Happy Monday lovely ladies


Why are we ashamed of pain?

Rachel Glendinning


A picture of me jumping for joy echoes how I am feeling today. For the last 9 months I have struggled with coccyx pain and today it is 90% gone. If you have had any kind of chronic physical pain you will know too well the dulling of life it creates, the constant niggle that effects your mood, your energy, your joie de vivre. All of these got me. I became irritable, extra tired ( not sure how this marks on a scale given the lack of sleep already attributed to having a baby !! ) But I felt constantly drained of energy. Today, my head is clearer and my energy is returned. I feel myself again.

As many of us do, I had a few different reactions to my pain. Some days I ignored it and pushed on through. Other days It got me down and I became a victim to it. Other days I got angry and frustrated,sometimes tearful. But overall I did pay attention to it. Pain is there calling your attention for a good reason. Something needs healing.

I have held a close relationship with pain for the last 13 years, working with thousands of people in my practice. Just that it was never my own. I managed to have a great sensitivity to my clients of the struggle and torture they went through but not through personal experience. Now I get it.

One article suggests that half of all UK adults suffer from chronic pain so it is likely that many of you reading this will know too well how pain changes your quality of life. 

My own personal story stemmed from the birth of my baby. Post c-section began my relationship with ongoing coccyx pain. As a wellbeing practitioner I am lucky to have many experts around me but nothing really helped. I stayed away from painkillers. My thoughts on our ease of swallowing pain killers is a subject for another day. 

So life with a new born and navigating the relationship with my partner definitely meant it took me longer to make changes. Taking a step back a month ago I realised the heightened stress state I was existing in. A normal state for us women trying to do everything well - the home, the baby, the work, looking good. And more often than not in the way our lives have evolved with very little hands on support. I lost both my mother and stepfather in the space of 3 years and am not the best for asking for help. Familiar?

The interconnection of our mind,bodies and emotions is skirted over in the medical world but in my opinion ( and it is only my opinion ) an enquiry in to what is going on in someones life emotionally and mentally as well as the physical examination is key. 

A month ago as things seemed to fall more into place in my role as a mum and with my partner I found space to really listen to what I needed. Most days I do some movement and meditation and am a big advocate for prayer and asking for guidance. Through this practice and space I gave to myself the right things came that I needed. One was an amazing supplement that has helped my coccyx and the other a transforming pain video that sits on my website but I had forgotten about.

 So, today is a very happy day. Pain free and with my attention back in the world again I have a new mission. To work with all you mums who could do with tips, guidance and support to keeping yourself sane and well ;) And back pain sufferers - I have a sense there are many of you. Come and work with me -

Anyone reading this and suffering with pain or know someone who could benefit check out the Transforming Pain video on my website under Videos from others. Please message me and let me know if it helps.


Living without Mother

Rachel Glendinning

It has been a while since I wrote a piece on my website but I feel the calling to return and share. The last 6 months have been an incredible journey of adventures,travelling and newness. Starting with my 40th birthday gift in Bali, this beautiful land taught me so much about feminine qualities and funnily enough I sit here typing 3 months pregnant with my first child. If you ever get to visit Bali I highly recommend. The energy is very special and nurturing.

And speaking of nurturing, today through painful moments of deeply missing my mum came a blessing. I would never have imagined I would be entering into some of the most special and sacred times of my life without my best friend and confidant, my mum. It is such a huge gap that no words can fill. What I do know that arises from this heartache is a great strength to create a group, a network for others touched by the same loss. And so through death comes birth, and this is a project I feel very moved to create and nurture. Watch this space.

Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method – 10,000 hours rule

Rachel Glendinning

Today I found myself contemplating that familiar question of what I would do if money was no object. It felt comforting that the honest answer was doing exactly the profession I am doing which I love – the Grinberg Method and giving sessions. Each hour with a client is precious and through teaching and giving I gain so much.

It is almost a year since I qualified as a practitioner and received my diploma and I recall it mentioned a few times of being a discipline similar to martial arts. At the time I had no experience of any martial art but now as a student of Xendo in London I reflect weekly on ”a black belt is a white belt who never stopped training“. There is a clear crossover between my practice as a kickboxing student and my practice as a practitioner. Neither art i can become excellent at without hours of dedication and experience.

When I become lazy and find excuses not to go to my kickboxing class the possibility for continued learning and reaching my next grade slips away. I am sure you will know this experience for any craft that is part of your life.

In the book outliers, Malcolm Gladwell states it takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to become truly excellent and master any skill be it playing the piano, or computer programming and in my case becoming excellent at my profession and one day mastering the black belt!!

Privilege and good luck can ease the way but there is no substitute for 10,000 hours of working.

Loving what you do is important if you want to become a master in a craft. Perhaps it can turn the pain into pleasure.

Pain relief with the Grinberg Method

Rachel Glendinning

One of the aspects of my work in teaching people to be well is working to teach people to stop reactions to pain. The statistics of the number of people dependent on pain killers and tranquillisers in the UK alone is horrifying.

I have mixed feelings towards the pharmaceutical industry – i don t see it as entirely bad as many conditions require medical intervention and i have no problem with taking the odd pain killer and antibiotics are a life saver if we need them. The method i practice is not an alternative to dr s but i believe we need to take more responsibility for our personal wellbeing.

Dr s have more and more choices of drugs to prescribe you and less and less time to explore or at least discuss the causes of your disturbance and suffering.

The escalating problem i do see is many of us wanting quick fixes and avoiding the root causes of chronic conditions and physical and emotional pain.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your health then i look forward to hearing from you.